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Is Hydra fund a legal payday lender in the state of FLORIDA? I have applied payday loan with money mutual online how ever the HYDRAFUND III just sent me money in my bank account. I tried to send them email in their website under "contact us" and I never had a response. They started taking money out from my bank and I close my bank so they cannot get money from me anymore. Now I am having phone calls telling me that they file a lawsuit against me. They've been calling me at work which affect my daily living already. Please help me what to do.

Hydra Fund is not legal in US. They are only supposed to get back the principal amount. They can't file a lawsuit against you. Check out the steps to deal with them: dl-dealings.html

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Hydra is an offshore illegal lender. Revoke ACH authorization immediately. You owe them nothing more than the principal. If you have overpaid, demand a refund. Please do not forget to report them to the AG and the CFPB/FTC.

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