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We have rented our house for 2 years in October. Our landlord had mentioned that he would like to sell us the house. He doesn't want to to rent to own or any programs like that. We had filed bankruptcy and it was discharged in Nov. of 2009. Since then we have been late on some car payments and credit cards. I work for a bank and was told that I would have to have spotless credit since the bankruptcy to qualify. Our credit scores are about 480 now. Is there anything that we can do to buy this house?

Short answer: nope. Absolutely nothing. Anyone who tells you they can help you is setting you up for a predatory mortgage. 480 credit scores will NEVER qualify for a legitimate mortgage loan.

Get help from family. It seems after your bankruptcy you've gotten your finances somewhat in order and you are trying, even with the payday loans you got stuck in a while ago. Can your mother/father or your husband's mother/father cosign the loan? Your brother/sister? Husband's brother/sister?

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My dad has really good credit, around 800, but he is currently not working due to being laid off. If he cosigns will I be able to get a mortgage then? It would be my income but his credit.

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Then you'd have a chance if he came along as a cosigner. They'd want some proof of income from him or at least a proof of assets. My grandparents for example have close to 500 grand in their checking/savings alone but their only income is social security (my grandfather ran his own business and doesn't have a pension, just the money left now) so it is tough for them to do any of these applications as their low income denies them even though they'd more than be able to make the payments and just want the cards for rewards. It's all up in the air but I will tell you right now they will run your father's credit but on top of that will be verifying he has an income of some kind. The terms of the loan are, if you screw up, it becomes his responsibility.

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