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I missed 4 payments for my mortgage and the bank keep sending me notices my home is indeed in foreclosure. I was advised by my friend to hire for lawyer to work for me to process on my loan modification. Does it takes too long to wait before it will be granted?

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I dont know exactly how long but my loan modified in short period of time because Atty. Tow gave more time on me.

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I have my loan modification and its on process now Atty. Marc Tow assured me it wont take long.

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Atty Marc Tow is a crook. He should be disbarred by the California State Bar. He victimizes his clients. He takes their money. Why is this atty, who is illiterate, but only knows how to rip off his own clients still practicing law? It is because he knows how to manipulate the net. All the reports against him are hidden by his own self-serving postings to cover up and bring down the latest complaints about him. CALIFORNIA STATE BAR, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ALLOWING THIS CROOK TO PRACTICE LAW? THE ATTORNEY STATE GENERAL SHOULD START INVESTIGATING THIS CROOK. HAVE THEM GET ALL HIS CLIENT RECORDS AND INTERVIEW THEM ALL. IT WILL SURFACE THAT HE HAD TAKEN AND STOLEN MOENY FORM HIS CLIENTS.


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Dealing with an attrny does not always make the process quicker. ANd you do not need an attorney to set up a modification. the mortgage company usually tells you that it take 30-45 days to get an answer. I have found with my clients and with myself, if you follow up every few days instead of waiting for the letter that they promise, it will make things alot faster.. But it depends on who your lender is... Sometimes they can pre-approve you asap over the phone by taking your financial information and then set you in a trial period until your paperwork is complete. they will put the foreclosure process on hold... and the 2nd way is to get their hardship packet, which can be found on the lenders website or they can mail it to you.. Once you fill it out and send in all of the documents they can start the review process... Most, not all companies, but most will put foreclosure on hold while its in review. But only if they have confirmed that they have received all of your paperwork and started the process.
Who is your mortgage company? I might can answer the question better...
please do not pay an attorney to modify the loan or do anything, unless they give you an actually sheriff sale date.. then you may want to look into a bk attorney..

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If you have Wachovia/Wells Fargo forget getting a modification. We were preapproved also, told to miss 3 payments and well its now 10 months later and they have done NOTHING. Will not talk to us, we call every month, sometimes twice a month and updated our paperwork on our own with them, they never had to ask us for ANYTHING. We finally got an attorney who said its a losing battle to get a bank to modify, that wont do it. So, we are now filing bankruptcy, it actually helps us a lot more than a modification ever could. No choice, they wont help so we took the other way out and we still have our home.

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The loan modification process normally takes around 30 to 90 days.But it mostly depending on your lender and your ability to work through the process with your attorney or representative.A professional can often reduce the amount of time required by processing the paperwork.When you are dealing directly with your lender,It is better to ask several questions upfront....
1.How long is the process likely to take..?
2.When can I expect to hear from my case..?
3.If I don't hear,Whom should I contact..?

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