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I applied for a loan in october 07, it is now in december and they keep taking my money. my loan was for only 250.00 and total to date is 535.00 they have taken out! i want my money back

Nevis Marketing
P.O Box 636 Charlestown, Nevis
West Indies
(I don't know for certain if that one is correct)

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kashzan kashzan

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do you know of any in the states? i have been on the phone with many 869 area codes talked to banks and finance institutions and NOBODY seems to know wtf is going on. i also took it upon myself to contact the FBI down there but in usual government fashion they said it could take some time

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mandrews mandrews

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You can try to do a search in the search box above. This is all that i could come up with.

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kashzan kashzan

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Close your bank account. They will never stop debiting money from your account. You are going to have to go to the bank and talk to a manager. You need to tell them that there are unauthorized debits coming out of your account. Be sure that your bank will not force it back open if a ach debit tries to hit your account. If the bank cannot close it for whatever reason, tell them you need to put a hard debit block on or put it on deposit only status.
Open a new account with a different bank (thats best). I'm sure once they can no longer get money out of your account, you will hear from them.
It looks like they are an illegal PDL company. You have WAY over paid them. The most IMPORTANT thing you need to do is CLOSE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!!!

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khill2 khill2

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I got a payday loan from nevis marketing back in February of 2007. They took out approximately 4 times the amount of the original loan just from the "fees" every month from my debit account. I eventually had to close my account and open a new one to get them to stop. Now, almost two years later, I got a call today saying that they were filing some papers to send me to jail for stolen property/bad checks. I don't know if they can really do that? Has anyone else ever had this happen?

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k_i_m2003 k_i_m2003

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I want anyone out there who has had a problem with nevis marketing and their continuously debiting your account with refinance charges without allowing any of the money to go toward the principal and no way to get them to stop except closing the account to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on this company. I have been threatened with trumped up charges of taking stolen property andn tokd someone was coming to pick me at my job[color=Blue][/color][font=Georgia][/font][size=12][/size]

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I am going through the same problems with this "Nevis Marketing", I have sent several e-mails to several online "Nevis Marketing" with no reply. My next step is to close my bank account in order for these people to contact me. I have been trying to locate them to pay off my payday loan with no luck.

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I got payday loan from Nevis Marketing, over 2 years ago, and paid it back. Now, all of the sudden, i got a very threatening phone call from a lady who said she works there, who said we had a couple of hours to pay $700! It all sounded very shady and she threatened to prosecute and have me thrown in jail. Is there anyone who has actually been thrown in jail by these people? Or are they just really trying to scare people?

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Does anyone know a phone number? I'm having the same problem. Getting payday loans was the dumbest thing I've ever done!!! Never again

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