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What are the consequences of payig off a mortgage fast?

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I may come across some money by the summer this year. I was wondering if I can payoff my mortgage with a balloon payment and free the title. However, I am not sure about its consequences though. Would there be any negative effect on my tax situation and personal finance?

What do you guys suggest? Shall I do it?

You should talk to an accontant.

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i would also check your papers and see if they charge a penelty through the bank if paid off early. mine i know doesnt but some banks will look at the fine print on your paperwork or call the bank to findout

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check with your lender an see if they charge early payoff fees some do some dont.

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a lot of financial planners say dont pay off your mortgage because you get a tax deduction, but when you do the math you are paying more in interest to the bank than your tax deduction is i say go for it, save you money in the long run and peace of mind

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