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Unbelievable...the stories I am reading about BOA are my own...almost verbatim. The constant calls...misinformation...transfers to wrong says you have been removed from the program and the other says everything is fine (same phone call) and documents have been sent and you've been approved for the Making Homes Affordable workout. Workout? The only workout I'm getting is dialing their number and getting the run around. Today I received a Notice of Intent to Accelerate dated the exact same day I spoke with someone who told me all was fine and foreclosure is put on hold due to me being approved for a workout. Don't know what to do...tired of losing sleep over this crap. Has BOA actually foreclosed on anyone while "still in work out status"?

We should contact a Congressman or someone that can speak for us regarding the tactics of BOA and clearly misuse of funds given them by our government to help people like us, just trying to's criminal. In some of the hardest times our country has seen, the last thing we need is more stress created by a program designed to relieve it. Perplexing.

When banks are this incompetent you need to make your complaints to the Federal Reserve Bank and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. These are the agencies that regulate these financial institutions and they are the only ones who will get results.

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Exactly what they did to us. And yes they took our home. Sent us a request for more HAMP paerwork the day after they sold our home @ auction. They are terrible

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Thanks for sharing your experience about Bank of America!

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