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I was 5 months behind on my mortgage. I just found out that my home was auctioned back to the bank on June 3rd. In Missouri the right of redemption only comes into play if you give advanced notice, so that doesn't help me at all. I spoke to an attorney who advised me to make sure the notices went into a county paper properly, which they did. The certified "notice of sale" was never delivered to me, I remember the rural postal carrier leaving a "sign here for delivery" slip in my box in early May, which I signed, but no certified letter was delivered.
Has anyone ever successfully had a mortgage company agree to a "recision of foreclosure", and if so, under what conditions?
Please someone give me advice, the attorney said there was nothing that could be done, but I am so shocked that this could happen.

The lender should formally inform you about the foreclosure before taking any such steps. I don't think it is legal for the lender to foreclose the property before informing you. I will suggest you to contact some other lawyer and take his help in this regard. He will let you know whether or not you can take any legal actions against your lender.

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Since it sounds like an attempt was made to notify you, I would be looking at the post office for an explaination as to why didnt receive your certified mail. Maybe you can get proof from them, that it was in fact not delivered....I would be talking to your local postmaster general. However, being that you knew you where behind in your mortgage, you do take some of the blame for not following up on that letter.

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It's been more than a year and I should have replied earlier but my life has been really crazy for the past couple of years! As I said above my home was foreclosed on, but because it was Wells Fargo themselves who bought the home at auction, they actually agreed to rescind the foreclosure if I came up with around $8,000. All by myself (which I am very proud of!) I actually did come up with all of it and was successful in getting my house back. I sold almost everything that I had, even down to my livestock, saddles, clothes, shoes, sewing machine, kitchen aid mixer, even my car ... you name it, I sold it. I am really proud of myself, but even more proud that after it was all said and done, and the fact that my husband hadn't done one thing to help me, I had the strength to leave him and move back home to nevada. Yes, I left the house that I had been bled dry, and brought just me, my clothes for work, and my dogs. I have to say that Wells Fargo was really pretty good to deal with, now I am just trying to get my (soon to be) ex husband to get a loan so he can buy my half of the house, so that I can TRULY be free of him and the poison memories of the last few years!

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Great to hear... glad the bank worked with you!

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