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Can I move out from a rented apartment before completion of the contact?

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I have a query. Can I leave a rented apartment before the term completes? Am I liable to pay the rent for the entire term even if I move out a few months before the end of the contract and give a written notice?

Yes, you can move out of a rented apartment before the completion of the contract. But, when you’re giving a written notice of the same make sure your landlord agrees to it. It’ll reduce complications later.

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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Before moving out, you should schedule an appointment with your landlord an inspection of the apartment.

As per the law, if the tenant moves before ending the agreement, the landlord can only get the first and the last month's rent along with the one month's security deposit.

Thus, you can avoid future disputes with your landlord about the rent and the apartment damage.

Written notice can be a good idea, but make sure you talk with your landlord beforehand.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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See, a lease is a legal contract. And, you owe the entire rent amount even if you leave early. Have a look at your state law on landlord's duty to rerent.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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In connection to above, it is advisable that you have a clear idea regarding the term of the contract or the lease period. It is not necessarily 1 year. They make the lease contracts such that all the apartments do not become vacant at the same time. However, you can always negotiate if the lease term is more that what you want. Also, if you have to move out suddenly, it'll be easier if you can find a friend who's interested in moving in. If the terms and conditions suit both the parties, the lease will be changed to his/her name.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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