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No house to mortgage - renting, recent college grad

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So, it's a long story, but I had to move out and find my own place to live after college, and my monthly income at GAP (paying me minimum wage) wasn't enough to cover all my living expenses (furniture for a new apartment, clothing, food, utilities, etc.)

Eight months after that I had to make a completely move (even longer story) and had to rebuy all new furniture.

I estimate my credit card debt to be around 15/17k. I do not have a house to mortgage with, and due to recent events all of my cards are in collections. I am on payment plans now with most of them (I have five small 500 I want to knock off), but I have four BIG accounts (2-4k) each that are demanding to be paid in full now.

Is there any place I can turn to consolidate all this credit card debt?

P{lease sign up and receive the free call that you can get from a debt counselor. They are trained in debt issues and hopefully can come up with a plan thats right for you. The call is free and it just takes a little time to go over your options. Best Wishes KYSIDE38

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Part of me thinks I am overreacting - I sat down with pen and paper and figured I could eliminate three of my $500 cards in 2 months and elminate two of my four biggies in one year in weekly installments. That leaves me saddled with this $3.5k credit card bill to pay off (but with no means how for over a year) and... then student loans, which are already consolidated and nowhere nightmarishly out of control.

I did register and got the e-mail about the Couselling company. Should I wait for them to contact me?

I also ran them through google and saw a plethora of Rip Off Reports.

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mvezza mvezza

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It never hurts to get the free counseling in your situation. Besides, you can take quotes from few other companies and compare the plan.

Make sure that you have all the terms mentioned in the contract before signing up with the company.

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I actually went with a credit counseling agency here in NJ, but the day after posting this I received harassing and threatening phone calls at my job by an agency, who then contacted my family (all extended family) and divulged the contents of my credit report to my mother and then spewed insults at me over the phone about "not being a man and paying my bills."

How long do I have to file a complaint with the FTC?

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I filed bankruptcy in January, pro se, and according to my stat's automated case information, my case was officially discharged yesterday, April 30 :)

So today begins my Fresh Start.

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