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Hi All,

Me and my wife just signed a purchase agreement on a house. We were pre-approved for the loan but the mortgage broker informed that there were three trade lines on my CR's that said "disputed by consumer". I disputed these over a year while working on cleaning up my credit reports. My broker is telling me that to get this approved easier, I need to get these "disputed by consumer" remarks removed. I have read several threads about other people having the same problem. My question is, what method have others used to get these removed quickly? Call the CR's directly? Online? Snail mail? Go through the OC? I have 40 days to closing and would like to get this taken care of ASAP. Who has had success with this and how did you go about it?
Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have finally got my financial situation to the point I can get a home loan. I do not want something I did in the past to screw this up.
Thanks you in advance!!!!

Can anyone here help me please?

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I think the quickest way will be working directly with the credit agencies, a friend of mine was able to get the dispute remarks removed within 3 days. I hope other members will too help you with their advice.

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