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How can you get a title loan when you dont own the car?

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I live in Arizona, PDLs are no longer legal so they switched to title/registration loans. I am confused as to how they can make a title loan on those that do not have a clear title?
I have called and asked my registration loan company how this works and they can't or won't give me an answer. I am told by my BK lawyer that because it is secured with my car title that I can't put the loans in my BK, but the amount I have to pay each month can't be figured into the means test, so they show that I have more money than I actually do.
I just want out of this cycle without losing my car. What would be the best course of action at this point.

They're likely giving you a loan based on your equity in the car. Are they holding your title or adding themselves as a lienholder?

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From what I was just reading, you are stuck with them. Wait for our bankruptcy expert to chime in.

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