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I am in a bind and might need a short term loan. I know many pay day loans are very predatory. Are there any REPUTABLE companies out there that anyone knows of. I don't have much to offer in collateral and my credit is modest, about 640, so i'm not sure about a bank. Plus i'm not sure a bank would give out as small a loan as I need, and I don't want to take out more than I really want. Please please please offer some recommendations.

we do not promote debt here, we help eachother get out and prevent from getting more loans and debt. if i answer in regards what you're looking for, it will contradicting myself, but that's my opinion. maybe someone will tell you diferent, but i hope you get your emergency resolved. good luck and god bless :)

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Paulie Paulie

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I would personally suggest you not to take PDL loans. But, if you are in an emergency, look out for storefront loans. They are generally legal. Check out the licensee database first before taking a loan.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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I respect that...I have no interest in getting debt. I have an unfortunate circumstance involving identity theft and currently am getting the 'processing time' from the banks to investigate. I know this website has been very knowledgeable regarding short term loan options, and was only looking to see if someone know if one company was more reputable than others. I understand that could be construed as trying to promote a company, which I fully understand. If possible, I could private message someone if they do have a suggestion. I feel pressed and stressed and really want to do the smart thing here.

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well i once had an emergency really bad after i started to deal with my lenders, and i searched for a storefront non-payday lender in my city, that allowed me to borrow and pay monthly at a comfortable fee, you can try that, but i don not recomend PDL!! the one i went required credit but since i don't have any, they gave me little, but it was good. you can search online for a storefront in your city, but do alittle reasearch onthem first! good luck!

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Paulie Paulie

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