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Looking for loans "like" Think-Cash, Cash Call..

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In our case, the thinkcash loan actually has been a blessing. We needed to fill a month gap, and want to avoid the pdl trap.

Not to say I like paying the fat interest on think-cash but still cheaper than a pdl and allowed me a bit of time. My issue is this.

I am looking for a second loan. Why? I needed approximately 2500 to put myself into a safe zone for a couple week buffer before the next check, and it helped to pay some moving expenses we incurred unexpectedly.

That said, ThinkCash only covered 1750 of what we needed. I am really striving not to relegate us to a pdl, but I can't find anyone else LIKE thinkcash. Most I found are pdls. Cash call doesn't service Nevada. Does anyone have an alternative to a pdl, even if it includes higher interest? I.E., citifinancial and traditional loans out of the questions, pdls out of the question, something in the middle?

It would sure help my search.. Thanks..

I cant reccomend you look for any payday loans, I am very much against it. They will only get you into trouble that you may not get out of. Maybe you should read some of the horror stories here before you try and get another one. You should be worried how you are going to pay for that one.


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Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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I agree with Luke. Do not go down that awful path if you can absoultely avoid it. It is endless cycle of hell. He is right...unfortunately most of us on here have gotten ourselves in the PDL trap and are finally crawling out.

Do you have any family or friends that could help you until you can get in a better financial situation. I know that is asking alot but I think it is better than borrowing from another pdl place.


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ladybug ladybug

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Well here is what I was driving at to be more specific. My apologies on that. ThinkCash is NOT a pdl per se. At least not to the extent a storefront/internet advance is.

What I mean is this..

The Thinkcash loan we have you do have to run your credit, though it is easier (much) to get than a conventional loan. Why of course is the interest. On our 1,750 loan, this is 126% which is of course abominable, but not unworkable like a payday loan which in the offers I saw went from 300+ up to in the 1000+ interest range.

Also whereas PDLs require a payday payoff in 2 weeks, renewable in my state I believe 3 times and its due period. Mine is a set loan of 48 payments with no prepayment.

Financially it as decent move for us. It actually saved me from disaster and the 200 a month payment is quite manageble to tell the truth.

Unfortunately for me, no, we are not in the position of being able to get an assistance from our relatives, most of whom are left are too distant. Nor actually do we think our situation is that dire.

I will need a pdl for 2-4 weeks for an additional 500 which I can pay in full, I just preferred to try and find another loan like my first. For obvious reasons I cannot take another from the same company.

It is just a nice middle ground when you cannot obtain traditional good interest financing, and going to a pdl with outrageous terms.

Oh, and I don't think I mentioned before, but unfortunately our state is not supported for Prosper which I was SO eager to try..

So as a wrap up, no, not looking for a cash advance pdl company, just a higher risk 24-48 payment loan company :)

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xreddogx xreddogx

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I just went to thinkcash website. A $1,000 dollar loan will cost you $2,000 at $94.00 @ semi monthly for 20 payments. This is just like a payday loan, donkt be fooled and please stay away from this crap, you do not need it that bad.


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Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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Wow Luke, good detective work! This is simply amazing to me.... how is this legal?? I dont' get it! It sounds to me like loan sharks... don't pay and i'll breakah yah face! :shock:

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Ang Ang

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Again, I can completely appreciate the warnings being given. We have been through a bankruptcy. I was attempting to keep personal info out, but frankly, our mortgage holder went bankrupt, house repo'd after we put in on time 14,000 cash in 6 months. Financially we are in decent shape, very decent. The issue is our bankruptcy is less than 2 years, (and reports goofed up as I wrote in my other post), so we do NOT qualify for a traditional loan, prosper loans do no apply in my state, so frankly a thinkcash loan is what I can get.

Now again the difference is.. and I'll see if I can put this clearly..

ThinkCash aka 1st Bank of Delaware OR CashCall
My loan. 48 payments at $102 each. On a loan of $1750.
Interest rate at 126% percent


A comparison of 5 local PDL, PAYDAY Loan places. Places requiring a payback immediately or only allowing 3 "refreshers or rollovers" at an interest rate of...
480% - 2190%!!!
Check the difference out.

Now I'm not trying to sound like a smart alec, honestly, but I feel rather on the defensive though I know the previous posts are well-meaning, and I appreciate it.

But frankly, I have no intention of maintaining a loan in the 126% interest rate any longer than I have to no. It is an exercise in futility. That being said..

After being put out on my ear, and not having any substantial money in the bank, the few thousand I DID have banked being used in the move, ThinkCash literally saved me from losing a vehicle, and missing utilities. As I wrote before, I needed 2500, not 1750. COming up with 600 a month to pay the loan down or even more is not a problem.

Again, what I was looking for is a similar program to ThinkCash. Literally looking for almost 10 hours has only led me to endless payday loan places.

I am looking for a HIGH interest loan such as thinkcash which ran our credit report, to loan me the rest of what I needed as opposed to me paying in the 1000% interest range to cover a short term need. I need the funds for 3-4 weeks minimum.

Again, I am hoping that post doesn't sound nasty, but warnings are heeded, our income is sufficient enough to carry a high interest loan, I am just lacking the place to find an installment loan, NOT, NOT, NOT a PDL *grin*

I am posting here because this was the "getting a loan" wiki. But again, thank you for the warnings on the traps. It kept us out of the "advance money" scam for sure!

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xreddogx xreddogx

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I have a $1200 ThinkCash loan and I totally agree with you. Doing business with them isn't as idea as it would be with Citi or another loan company, but it's better then dealing with CashNet and the other pdl companies. With ThinkCash, when you make a payment, it goes towards interest AND principal, not just interest. Every payment you make, shortens the length of your loan and pays down your loan. With pdls, you pay to renew it or you pay it out, period. Reddog, if I come across another company like that, I will post the name here, but like you, I haven't found one yet. Good luck.

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I too, have bad credit, and I like Thinkcash I paid them off and was able to obtain a new loan whenver you want, you can pay them off early or just use the scheduled minimum and they are very friendly
I just tried FirstAmericaCredit, I got turned down because I
do not have direct deposit, they will charge your account $2.00 at first to check to see if it is your account, I haven't gotten my $2.00 back yet but they said they are returning it
maybe you can try them

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Unregistered just commented on a 2 years old thread...please be careful.

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Originally Posted by SOAPLADY just commented on a 2 years old thread...please be careful.

soaplady.....who cares! someone coming across the information two years later can still use any updated information!

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