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Two months ago I was pulled over by the Police in Worcester MA. They told me that I was driving an unregestered uninsured car. In december I changed insurance companies and decided to mail in the paperwork to the RMV instead of going to a local branch. I didn't think anything of it as I had copies of the paperwork I mailed in in my glove compartment. Anyways the officer towed my car and I did the necessary steps to fix the issue with the RMV. Since my car needed repairs I contacted the company that towed my car and signed a paper for the $1200 in costs for the repair work. I did not hear from them for three weeks as I was in the hospital and when I got out I called and asked what was going on with my car they told me I owed them $1800 as they where charging me additional storage fees for them having stored my car for two weeks. They never contacted me to tell me the car was finished as I checked my voicemail twice a day while I was in the hospital and would have had someone pick up the vehicle if they told me it was done and that their would be additional storage fees if I did not get my car. They now have threatened to auction my car as they say I owe them $3600. I am on disability and do have an auto loan on the vehicle. Is there any actions I can take to stop these people from auctioning my car off? They keep increasing the amount I owe and I do not know what to do. I will pay the $1200 I agreed to but that amount is even frustraighting as the towing and costs incurred by the police action should never have occured as I showed the officer the documents that I mailed into the RMV. Here in Mass the registry actually charges additional fees if you go into the branch office instead of mailing the paperwork to them.

If they haven't informed you about the additional storage charges, then they cannot legally charge you. I will suggest you to negotiate with them so that they waive off a portion of that charges and you can get back the car. If they are not ready to do so, then you can think of taking legal help in this matter.

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Leaving a vehicle for 3 weeks is not exactly reasonable. Did you call them? Did you ask how long it would take them to finish the job? Did you pay the towing fees associated with the ticket? The storage fees would be legal if you did not pay the towing fees as it would be a continuation of that action. I see fault on both sides.

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