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im behind on my morgage because i have to much deb

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im behind on my morgage because i have to much debt how can i fix this be fore they forclose on me

Wow that is big question. How much debt do you have? What is your current income? Are you behind on anything besides your mortgage? How far behind are you on your mortgage? Have you talked to the lender in regards to a loan modification on your mortgage?

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Your mortgage should be your first priority....other bills come second.

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Yes, you need to take care of your mortgage debt as it is a secured loan. If you are unable to pay your mortgage debt, then you can go for refinancing.

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This is a big problem. Mortgage is a secured debt, so you need to take care of it first. You can request your creditor to extend the time limit. You can also negotiate with your creditors for a repayment plan. But the best option to repay mortgage debt is refinancing.

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Being behind on your mortgage can become a very serious issue, if you don't tend to it immediately. Since mortgage is a secured loan you should start paying your mortgage before you pay back your other debts.

You can opt for a refinancing after talking to your mortgage lender. You can either choose cash-out refinancing or extend the term of your mortgage so that your minimum monthly payments reduces.

Hope these suggestions will help you

Thanks :)

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Juice, as you're behind mortgage payments, refinancing can't be an option for you. In order to refinance your mortgage, you should be current on your mortgage payments and have equity in your property. Presently, you're delinquent, so forget about refinancing.

As you want to avoid foreclosure and save your property, you should contact your lender and apply for a loan modification. In this process, the terms and conditions of your loan payment will be modified which will make it easier for you to pay off the loan in an affordable manner.

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The original poster posted this question 3 months ago and hasn't been back. And, he/she has already received sound advice. It's a waste of time to dredge up old threads for no reason.

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