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Hey there, I am a 21 year old student in georgia with 7k in credit card debt. I have no job, and really no ability to get one, as for I am a full time student in college, who's major requires a mandatory out of class work session of 20 hours a week. Between classes, and this practicum, I am unable to hold a job, and balance my studies.

Things had gone down hill starting in august when paypal charged the wrong account (my checking account was second priority, it bypassed the first one, my paypal buyer credit), and withdrew me, costing me hundreds and hundreds in over draft fees. Things piled up and a promise soultion never came. It was my fault for being so docile with it. Payments were not able to be made starting then, and my credit cards have been faulty for about 4 months now, with 2-3 months payments being missed. One of them (Balance of right over 2k) was sent to a debt collector, even though we had arranged a lowered monthly payment plan (6 month plan) about 2 weeks ago, and now I get a letter from a debt collector about payment.

What I am here to ask is how would be the best way to approach my issue, and get it down. Soonest I can get a job is summer, which, at that point, I hope to be able to gather 2k-3k at the least from pay.

I have been able to negotate personal arrangements, so I do not need to use the cards anymore for anything.

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