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Quick question! If I did my own settlement with credit card companies can I then apply for a debt consolidation loan to pay off the settlement?

You can search the site and read about the differences between debt settlement and debt consolidation.

IMO you can look for personal loan which has a lower interest rate.

However, getting a loan to pay off the existing debt isn't a very good idea. Can't you ask a relative or friend for financial help?

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I figure I will need around 15-16 thousand to settle. I could afford a payment on that what I can't afford is the current $2000 payment per month on the credit cards. I do not want to go to family and friends since we were given the money to build our home from family 7 years ago. Decided to start a business which has been constantly throwing money down a rat hole for 6 years. We have decided to get out while we still have some equity in our home and if I can settle the credit card we can start to get back on our feet and hope to have everything paid off in 10 years and totally out of debt. My problem now is with my credit tanked from missing payment and a high debt to income ratio it is near impossible to get a loan through a conventional lender. Believe me I've tried to cash out a little more equity and even though we are only sitting on about 70% of our homes value its a no go. Trying to figure this out before I make the settlement in another month or so.

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