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I receieved a notice of intent to accerlerate letter yesterday from BOA. I was floored.They are telling me I have to send them 2980.00 by May 8th 2010. My montly payment went from 1754.00 to 2000.00 a month. So, with my husband's job hrs being cut, and his work has slowed down, I was sending them 1000.00 every two weeks so I could make the payments. I could not afford to send them the whole 2000 because that is one paycheck and we would not have any money to pay bills and buy groceries till his next paycheck. I've always called them to make my payments and they have worked with me and even got me on a repayment plan to help catch up the payments i was behind. So, now I'm sending them 1125.00 every two weeks on this repayment plan to equal my payment of 2250.00. My plan ends in June, but now I get this intent to accelerate. I've called them and told them Im on the repayment plan and all they tell me is that if I'm adhearing to the repayment plan than I should have nothing to worry about and they the letter would become void. Should I be concerned? I was very greatful that they even helped me with this repayment plan. I've even applied for Home Modifcation but havent heard squat back about that. I have no plans on skipping my payments while Im on the repayment program, but it just really scares me that they can send this letter knowing i'm on the repayment program.

Hi, you may find the following old thread useful. ortgage-bofa.html

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I would suggest that u immediately apply for a HAMP loan mod. And even if you do don't stop making payments on the repayment plan till your file goes under review for loan mod. Believe me even getting a repayment plan from BofA is a blessing. I can say that by personal exprnce.

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