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If a loan payment becomes delinquent, what can the lender do against the borrower so as to enforce the payment?

When you are initial late, all they will do it call to find out what the problem is. If they loan is secured like a car loan, they may do a repo or with a mortgage, start forclosure proceedings. They cannot force you to pay. However as time goes on, they may take you to court and get a judgement. Suing you allows for wage garnishment and/bank levy.

You question is not very clear...more infomation is needed to answer it better.

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they can add interest and late payment charges. you need to give more information

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If you're 3 months or more delinquent on your mortgage payments, then the lender can start off with the pre-foreclosure process. He will send you a notice to pay off the dues in full or else he will foreclose the property. If you do not pay off the dues within a stipulated period of time, the lender will foreclose the property in order to recover his dues. As far as the deficient balance is concerned, he will sue you in the courthouse in order to recover the balance amount in full.

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I am assuming you are talking about a mortgage loan. If you are not able to make the monthly mortgage payments for several months, then your lender will begin the foreclosure process. He will send you a "notice of default", which itemizes the total amount you need to pay to the lender. If you fail to pay the required amount within 20-30 days, then you'll receive "notice of sale" from the lender. The lender will sell your house at the auction date mentioned in the "notice of sale". After the house is sold off, you'll have to pay the deficit balance.

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