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I was recently looking for a loan on the internet (bad idea I know) but I went to one of those places that refers your loan. I got a call from Variety financial offering me a loan. AND YES they wanted 2500 deposit. Once they asked me to wire the money to Canada, the red flag went up. I called the state they were supposed to be located and they did not actually reside there or have any licenses. I did put a complaint out there for them.

Can a loan company charge some money upfront? Never!! It is not the legal way and there are possible chances of a big scam. Stay away from such companies. Imagine, this company has the nerves to say that the money needs to be wired to Canada. What are they here for?

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keystrokes keystrokes

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I found out quickly that is illegal. They even had the nerve to tell me that if Western Union asked if this was a loan to say no because of a special tax that I would be charged. LOL no because western union would warn me of their scam. And not only that they wanted me to wire to Canada, but to an individual not even a comapany. Then when I called the "loan officer" and called him out on his illegal activity they stood behind it the whole time. I can't belive they actually can sleep at night. 8)

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I recently applied for a loan for my parents who have bad credit, the people approved the loan for the 5000 and that was very exciting, until the same man kept answering the phone, then he wanted 700.00 to be sent to an individual instead of the company. the name of this crap was BENITON SERVICES JUST IN CASE SOMEONE ELSE WANTS TO KNOW.

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Do not even believe what they say, no matter how convincing they are. I was lucky but cannot even imagine how many people out there in such need and think that this is a godsend to help them get taken for big big $$$. I talked to several people there and they had answers for all my questions. Best advice I can give is just to deal with what you have and remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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I failed to mention that these folks found me through and/or, both valid companies. Another AFL scam company contacted me 1 week after Variety Financial, they are named SPHERION GROUP, same type of scam.

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I thought this would be of some good information for others looking for a loan online.

I applied for a $2000 loan through American General Finances and to my surprize, the loan was approved within a few days.

What was even better of this deal was, I got approved for $5000 instead based on my income. Wow, I thought to myself. Now I can pay up on all my bills and still have a little fun. (Sike)!

I was called by a man claiming to be Mr.Johnson who works for American General Finances. During this phone call I was told that because of my recent bancruptcy and a new car I am financing, that I would have to give $400 for insurance.

I did however call another bank to see if this type of loan is legal and was told yes. The reason the teller said it was legal is because the bank is in Canada and not the U.S. The teller said it is illegal to request money for a loan in the U.S.

Now, I was convinced that this loan was a good idea and went on sending the money through Western Union. The loan was supposed to be in my bank account within 6hrs.

I gave it till the following day and called this so called bank back and asked what was going on. This time a lady answered the phone and asked me for my info. I told her and she said that my loan was on hold because of Mr.Johnson's error.

She told me that the insurance was never to be $400 and that it was $600. She said it could be fixed now if I still wanted the loan or she would have the $400 deposited into my bank account.

Well, I need the money so I went on sending the $200 to Canada again, except this time, I used Money Gram. Two bussiness days later and nothing.

Now when ever I call the number I get a recording asking for information and to leave a message because the lines are all tied up at the moment.

I have since called the BBB and was called back by the District Attorney's office which then contacted the F.B.I and am going through an investigation for fraud.

I thought this could be of some help for others. The main thing is about this problem is as follows...

I tried for this loan through American General Finances and was called back by someone playing as this so called company. I filled the form on this website below:
[color=red]Link removed as per forum rules - Mike[/color]

Information of this scam below:
COMPANY: American General Finances
RECIEVER: Martin Williams
AVAIL IN: Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1-888-265-0061 ext #136

::::::::...NAMES DEALING WITH SCAM...:::
1. Mellany Griffin
2. Mr. ??? Johnson
3. Martin Williams

I was tolled by the D.A that after I send all the info containing to this scam that I will get my money back and they will be pursuing those people doing this. They told me the next day that they have the video tapes of the Western Union who handed the cash over. Their just waiting for my fax.

If I get my cash back, I will post here again to let you know if it's worth all the trouble. Something tells me, I will not get my money back, but will more than likely mess up the little side bussiness them people have going for a while!

for allowing just anyone to look
into pending applications for loans.

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I received a e-mail from an link removed per forum rules..erz telling me I was approved for a $5000.00 loan and all I had to do was send a $650.00 money gram to an insurance agent called Ashley Lloyd, 1275 powers ferry rd SE, Marietta GA. This address does not exist, there is no insurance agent at this address.I called beniton services and a man named Adam told me yes it was true, I thought great I can finally get caught up on my bills. When I asked Adam who this Ashley Lloyd was he told it was a insurance agent. I asked who they Beniton Services were and he told me a broker. So I money gram the money to this Ashley Lloyd, faxed the confirmation over to beniton services, I called and this Adam told me everything was received and the money would be in my account that day. I checked the next day nothing, so I called back and Adam told me to check my account the next morning the money would be there. Still nothing the next day. I called and called no one would answer my calls, I finally used a fake name and got thru to someone called Allen, when I asked about their services they told me what to do , I asked about money being put in my account he replied,"why would the money not be be there" still after days of not receiving the loan and paying the $650.00 I called and called and faxed numerous messages. Still nothing. They won't even take any calls anymore, all they did when anwsering the phone and found out it was me calling they would just hang up and not answer when I called right back, they must screen the calls. This company IS THE BIGGEST SCAM I EVER HEARD OF. Allen Johnson's e-mail no longer exist and Beniton services is now listed under "WEDNESDAY" and the web site will not come up.

PLEASE DO NOT DO ANT BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF EVERYDAY, this all happened on Augugst 1, 2006. If anyone lets you know a loan has been approved do not send any money to anyone, tell them where to go!!

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You should NEVER have to pay any money upfront for a legitimate loan!!!

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erzeke1 erzeke1

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he told me that i was going to get approve for a5000 loan he told me to fax my paper he told me that ashley lto a girl in canada christina joshua. when he blocj hes web site i goit my receipt that i pay 4800 to send th e money gram loyd in georgia was on vacation she to me to money gram i have a daughter he just rob my money

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i was rob by beniton services for 69800 i lives in california he told me i was approve for a ;oan 5000 dollars he was going to deposit to my account 48 hours hetold to fax allmy papers when he told me that i have to pay premium insurance because i had bad credit he told me to money gram to georgia this person ashley lloyd but them he told he is on vacations when he told to send it to a grirl to cana da by the name christina lloyld them he block offf hes web site i have my receipt from the money gram on aug 2 and the document signed the agreement if you can helpme inter this web site

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