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I have a question about second mortgages.

Our second mortgage, through GMAC, carried a balance of 22,000 and we began paying after our Chapter 13 discharge.
That company went through some type of reorganization. Last week, we got a letter from OCWEN saying they now serviced the loand and it listed a balance of 32,000. Yesterday we got ANOTHER letter saying OCWEN was now servicing it for a company called RFC Home Equity and it had a balance of 49,000.
As you can see - our balance has more than doubled and I don't know why. I want to dispute the debt (or tell them they can take the house for Lord's sake), but am wondering if anyone has any idea why this would be going on??

Have you talked them them?? Called GMAC??

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I am having the same thing happen with GMAC mortgage. There is 20,000 discrepancy in what I owe, Called GMAC and was told they no longer service my mortgage so they can't help me.

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Who is servicing your mortgage for GMAC?

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