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Banks giving out your info

Submitted by Lindsey on Tue, 08/23/2005 - 07:14
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I need help from the law gurus...

I've been handling my fiance's loan accounts with a certain Credit Union. He was previously married, so his ex-wife's name is on one of his loans as a co-signer. He informed the bank that they had divorced, that he and I would pay the loans and that he and she have nothing to do with the other anymore.

Well, one day the ignorant ex-wife calls the Credit Union and they give her OUR address and OUR phone number!!! (meaning my fiance and my info). His ex wife used that info to stalk us and so my fiance and I had to move without telling ANYONE our new address or phone number.

We gave the Credit Union our PO Box address, which they also gave to her and now we also get her mail. (They send it to spite us). When we confronted them a second time about handing out OUR info to other people, they were EXTREMELY rude and said that they were authorized to do it even though we instructed them they weren't. We informed them that it is against the privacy act, to which they responded it isn't.

Well, does anyone actually know the protocol or law? Can we sue them???

I'm at my wits end with them. Just today, they screwed up some loan stuff and accused my fiance and I of screwing it up. They threatened to take our only car, which they can...if they find it.

Grrrr!!!! :evil:

Hi Lindsey

You have the right to expect your personal and financial information to remain private and secure. A good business organization needs to maintain the standards.

You should consult your attorney regarding this matter and take appropriate actions.


Submitted by roxette on Tue, 08/23/2005 - 12:55


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lindsey,nobody should be able to obtain any of your information when going thru a divorce a good thing to do is put an ad in personals stating that you are no longer responsible for anyones debt but your own and also putting a new password on all your accts so if she doesn't have that password your information should be safe and also ben is right with the privacy policies noone should be able to obtain any of your information not even to collect a debt.

Submitted by debbra47 on Mon, 10/10/2005 - 03:17


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I would recommend taking the dispute further up the chain to a manager or someone higher, discuss the problem with them and inform them that you do not give them permission to give out your address to anyone. And that if they can't honor this policy that you will take your business elsewhere.

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