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Has anyone dealt with Globalvantege? They won't tell me anything about the co. when I call-- they are the second coll acy to handle my AMEX debt-- tried to settle with the first, NCI, but they sent my check back when I noted it as "full and final settlement", and refused to agree that I had no further responsibility to them or AMEX.

Hi tiddy3,

Try to negotiate with them. If you have not paid the amount to the first collection agency, by any reason, it means you still owe the debt. It may damage your credit report.

You can send mails to the collection agency asking for some documentation that proves you owe the amount to them. They are bound to reply a debt validation request, failing which just makes their demand unfair.

If you find it difficult to negotiate with them, you can take help from some professional consultants who will negotiate with your creditor on your behalf and try to settle the debt at a lower amount offering you easy monthly installments to repay it.

Free counseling is available with this site also. You can try it, since it has been proved beneficial to many of this board.


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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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dont pay them.

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written to debtors but they ignire my letters any help please?

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Dont pay them, The biggiset scum bag company along with unprofeconal people they hire to work for them. They have already ruined your creditand still asking for money, They hire people that don't speak English, and those MF are ruth, mesages on my answaring machine from some John Reese min. wage telemarketer , bad words for my children to hear it . That MF will not stop calling , I dont undrstand a word he is trying to say ,I spoke to him 2-3 times and requested to talk to someone else from the company that is fluent english. he said "I know I help you I profecional" MF wil never stop calling , Iam concidering a Class Action Law Suit. If interested let me know.

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