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How debt consolidation is better than bankruptcy?

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I have heard that debt consolidation can hurt my credit like a bankruptcy. Does anyone know if this is correct?


Welcome to forums. debt consolidation is perhaps the best way of debt repayment in today's world. But the thing is you should choose the right card.

You have to identify a good debt consolidation company first. Now how to assess a debt consolidation company? I would suggest you to emphasize on the types of help they offer. Just visit this page to know what a good Debt Consolidation Company offers you-

If you enter into debt consolidation program with debt consolidation care, the consultant who will be working with you through out the program will negotiate with your creditors so that they report your account positively.

Please understand debt settlement9 and it's debt settlement that is considered as an alternative to bankruptcy. Please go through the link below to know how debt consolidation can help you achieve a better credit- ml

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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Over the past year due to a number of woes I fell behind in all of my bills. Is debt consolidation a wise chocie in rebuilding my credit?

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debt consolidation can be a wise choice to lower your monthly payments but can negatively impact your credit score. Time and a history of on-time payments will help the score rebound. Do you have any derogatory listings on your reports now? Collections, medical, late pays?

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debt solutions combining debt payments into one affordable monthly payment with a debt management programme northern ireland uk

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i suspect the above post is spam.

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i already reported the solicitation in spam section Paul :)

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i saw it too late though,but great minds think alike. :wink:

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