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I have heard that you can get free money from the government, does anyone know how to go about doing this?

Also I tried a search and all I can come up with are people asking for money to help you locate government grants and loans.

Hi Casey

Welcome to the forums.

Government grants are available for specific purposes and or if you satisfy the legal procedures. Mostly, they are offered to non profit organizations that offer free services to the community.

If you are looking for a government grant, you will have to apply in the U.S. Government's Website. The procedures and legal formalities have been explained in the website.

Also, look at the Government's Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). It lists the various grants and assistance available to the people. To qualify for any of the grants, you will have to go through the eligibility requirements listed in the website and ascertain if you can qualify for it.

Government grants are available to people only at a certain period of time. They are not available all the year round. The government will place an announcement about it in the Federal Register which is published each weekday.

In most cases, I know these grants are available for educational support, arts, scientific or other types of researches though there might be grants for individuals specifically.

One thing is important to know while looking out for such grants. Many companies advertise with offers giving you free money. You just are required to write a letter. This proposal letter should be well framed because there are lots of other people competing with you. If you qualify for it, you won't have to pay back them anything as it is free. But you will have to give a detailed explanation of the periodic progress, program evaluation and other periodical reports.


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roxette roxette

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is there any grants to pay off student loans or credit cards? not a loan! cant pay the money back.

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I've checked high and low on government grants. All I've gotten were CD's or books with the same information I could find on the internet. And then they charge you $50 a month after your two week 'free trial' of access to their grant lists. And these lists don't apply to regular people and their regular money issues. If you are starting a non-profit business to help other businesses (like give them loans) then you can get a grant, but not if you are a small business looking for money. So I wouldn't waste time (as well as money) looking further into it.

Your best bet is to talk to Debt Counsellors, work out a budget, take on a second job, and other forms of hard work to get yourself back up where you need to be. My Student loans are currently in forbearance, and I plan to get a second job in October once my busy season calms down. That's just the only way I see to do it.

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pokogeo pokogeo

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Oh yeah, and in terms of what Roxette said for companies that you send in a letter. I've gotten a few of those. I've seen a few that require money, a fee, a membership... something to charge you for. I would be wary of anything that asks for money up front.

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pokogeo pokogeo

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Who can I write to in Washington, DC to get a government grant application mailed to me and I need the address where I can write to get the application sent to me.

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Everyone of these grant advertisers are scams. DO NOT EVER USE THEM. is a paid scam to advertise that these are true grant programs. If you look at these websites that advertise these are true grants everyone of them says different ones are true. I would venture to say that they are even run by the same loser that is ripping people off. Especially DO NOT USE The Grant University as the trial period includes the shipping time so by the time you receive the disk they charge you an additional $69.95 before you can even review the disk. And by the way they charge $69.95 per month not just once. Please pass this to everyone you know so that WE THE AMERICAN people can put these scam artists out of business. By the way the operator that answered the phone was indian so obviously they are not even in the USA, just their distribution site. The government will give you all the information for free that these people give you. Have a great day.

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I would report it to the FTC.

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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does this site provide true and lawful applications for a business grant?

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I am looking to get money so that I can adopt my grandchildren, is there gov. loans that will help with that? My credit is low, I like others have seen the ads on TV for free gov. loans. Most are wanting money to rec' information on the gov. loans.

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If you have to pay for it, I would be leary...true goverment loans are free and free to apply for. The government website is grant (dot) gov...all government websites have the gov instead of the (dot) com extension.

I don't know if there is $ to adopt your grandkids, there might be, I just don't know...I would talk with a social worker first to see what the process is to adopt (if you haven't already).

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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