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Hurley State Bank want to close a/c with them. Need contact details.

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I just checked my credit report and Hurley State Bank never closed out my acct. and I want it closed out today.

I have done yahoo searches and google and notta found. Please help.

It said the address was out of Johnston, Tennessee???

Is this it?

Hurley State Bank/Citi Group
541 Sid Martin Road
Gray, TN 37615
Telephone: (423) 477-6800
Fax: (423) 477-6557

Sub: #1 posted on Fri, 05/19/2006 - 13:52

CycloneFan CycloneFan

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Thank you Suefor the address of Hurley State Bank.

Sub: #2 posted on Fri, 05/19/2006 - 13:57


Not it.... :(

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Is this it? Can't find a phone number for this address anywhere. The address exists, the FDIC knows who they are, But nobody has a phone number. Sorry. :(

Hurley State Bank,

Sub: #4 posted on Sat, 05/20/2006 - 11:41

dcashwell3 dcashwell3

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The information that I have indicates that cancelation requests should be sent in writing to P. O. Box 7029, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7029. A couple of phone numbers I ran across for them are 1-800-767-4556 and 1-800-423-3502. This is from some older info on them that may no longer be valid. Hope it helps.

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 07:12


I had the same problem and apparently they are somehow affiliated with CITI Bank (I believe by buying them out), so can call them. 18006273999

You may have to know what kind of account was opened for them to get you to the right representative. For instance, a Office Depot Credit Card was opened in my name.

Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 03/23/2007 - 13:00


Here is the phone number I used: 877-780-8897

Sub: #7 posted on Tue, 03/27/2007 - 08:02


Citi Credit Card bought Hurley State Bank. Call this special customer service number 1-800-767-0291. My cards was issued for Goodyear Tires. I was able to close my account today. Here is another number if that does not apply 800-950-5114 for help. Representative can tell from the first 6 numbers of your card, then get you to the right place.

Sub: #8 posted on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 12:22


Used the 800-767-0291 Number to call Hurley State Bank that the last poster provided, and Goodyear was able to look up my account (turned out it was Office Depot) and cancel the card. Thanks for the help....

Sub: #9 posted on Wed, 05/14/2008 - 08:30


i used 1-800-767-0291 to close an acct that i had with hurley state bank and good year the rep closed the account as we were speeking and said she would send me a confermation out in the mail and i should receive it within 7 to 10 days i hope this will help

Sub: #10 posted on Thu, 06/26/2008 - 07:18


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