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Hello. We are new to this forum. On approximately February 7th we called Compass Bank to inform them of another fraudulent charge on our checking account (they have record of this in there system and the 1st one about 2 weeks earlier they fixed and we never filled out forms). They said the money was really still there, that the company was checking funds. We then called GE Diabetic (where the charge was made) and spoke with there fraudulent dept and they said the charges had been recognized as fraudulent due to different mailing and shipping address’ and the charge would not go thru. After that due to pregnancy, morning sickness, miscarriage (hospital bills to prove) and my husband working 12-15 hour days 7 days week (timecards to prove), we never gave it another thought, cause everyone told us there was no need to worry and when I did look in the checking I saw a debit and credit thinking it had been handled but in reality one was the fradulant charge and one was the money we had to transfered out of savings to cover bills that was in the mail that could clear any day.

On August 14th we spoke with Compass again (this time a manager) and they said yes the charge had gone thru and we needed to fill out a dispute claim and return it to them and she would personally call the dispute in and see if that helped us any. She also called us a week later to see if we heard anything, because she hadn't heard anything (we will call her Monday and tell her about the denial letter we received today and see if there is anything else she can do). We also contacted GE Diabetic again and spoke with Gabriel. Gabriel said that Visa knew all about this and Visa would take care of it. Visa knew this was an oversees company that perpetrated the fraud. It was a company in South Africa that had an address in England. Visa had also involved an International Police in order to pursue and resolve this case. The perpetrator placed a multiple thousand dollar order and used more than 5 credit cards to pay for it. Visa knows this is a fraudulent event and should have our name on record as a part of it. Visa has refunded money to all that has contacted them. Gabriel recommended that we call the Visa Fraud Department. the dispute dept said sorry, too late, contact the merchant for resolution of the transaction. What do we do? It was $1000. How can they not pay us, they have already proven it fraudulant, case solved and our name should be in it per Gabriel at GE Diabetic? Sorry so long, but this is all the facts that I have and didn't know if they were all important.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions that you can offer us (and the time you took to read this).


Hi, welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear of your problems, both personal and financial. One thing I would consider is filing a police report. Contact your financial institution again (or credit card company), and tell them of your course of action. If this is your bank, I would also consider closing out your account, removing all your funds, and going to another establishment. Clearly, if this was not your fault, they should have returned the funds. Bank One, now Chase, advertises this all the time on commercials, so it obviously an option.

In the meantime, review your credit report. See if there are any changes done to your file. Also contact the merchant where this charge went through, and inform them that you are filing fraud charges with police now. Perhaps this will get them to conduct another investigation, and issue their own refund. Your financial institution should have done this, and realized that the overseas address was a big clue.

Please let us know on the outcome of this, and stick around in the forums. The members are of great help.


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I have talked to my bank at the regional level and they are telling me the same story but with more information and an attempt to be nicer about.

Their bottom line is that we waited to long and there is nothing they can do about it. That we need to pursue this with the company that charged our card.

They keep refering to 'section e' in Visa's agreement with the bank and that is what dictates the length of time in which they are liable.

I have requested a call from her manager.

You mentioned filing a police report. My local police or the police where the company resides?

I dont hold much hope of getting money from the company. They are small and had only been in business for a few weeks when this happened. They have quite selling to individuals as a result of this event at the company. Multiple people had their cards used fraudulantly.

Any further advice is greatly appreciated.

I know this a rant but I just can not help it. It frosts me to no end that informed the bank this was going to be a faudulant transaction and they did nothing. I know they could not do anything until the transaction was no longer pending but they did nothing! They did not watch the transaction, they did not notify us that it did go through. They did NOTHING!

Thanks again,


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James, report this fraudulent incident to the local police where this incidence took place. If possible, take some legal advice from an attorney also who can guide you with your next moves. I know, it is hard going through all this, but if you have a case, you can get your money back. Does your state offer free legal assistance? You should consult an attorney and figure out your chances. If it's worth, go ahead and file the case against the company. They will pay you for the damages.

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Do I call the police department where I live (Austin Texas) or where the company is that accepted the fraudulant transaction (Florida)? My loss is $1000. If I try to take it to court, will the company pay my attorney fees as well? What kind of an attorney should I consult with? Thanks for your help!

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