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So I posted a while back about an email I got about making extra money cashing checks what a crock that was well today I get in the mail UPS a enevelope with American Express Cheques in them they are all blank and for $500 a pop, with the note to just cash them and then wire the money to the address in the previous email that was sent to me How did they get my information to send this crap to me and NO I dont want any part of this as they appear to me altered or fake, they said I keep $400 for my trouble Oh yes Like I am that stupid, I may have blond roots but I am not that gullable,

Im sure this is how this works I take them to my bank and cash them in over time which only means when it comes back that thy are fraud then the money would come out of my account to cover them meanwhile the money would have already been wired to this person in Nigera,

I did contact the FBI about this a couple of months ago but have heard nothing and now Im sitting here with $4000 in cashier checks Not good!

I will stay away from this. Don't cash the blank checks. It seems to be scam because you don't have anything in writing about this offer. I think they got your address from some other companies are viewing your credit. Is it possible that they ran in inquiry in your file? You will find this in the latest copy of your credit report.

Moreover, your personal information will be at stake if you cash the check. Throw it in trash if you are not interested in this offer. And, keep a check on your bank statements regularly. You never know an unidentified transaction will put you in troubles.

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