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Unauthorized debits from secret cash card services

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I recently noticed a debit for $49.95 from my checking account. Secret Cash Card Services had submitted a "check" they drew up with my account number on it without my authorization. This would be considered "check fraud" would'nt it? I've already emailed them back demanding that they return the money back to the account. Has anyone else dealt with this company?

Ok I got ya! Well the link I posted didn't do that for me and I checked it yesterday and it was still working so I don't know why millette is unable to use it.

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HUDiva HUDiva

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My apologies about posting the site. I will be more careful.

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peachdelite2001 peachdelite2001

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That's ok, you didn't know. No problem. :D

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i need a website to get my refund back i've done went to the and they still have not responded to me and that was like a week ago and i done another one to day and they have tried twice to get money out of my account and now im being charged two overdraft fees

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Go directly to your bank and tell them that these are unauthorized debits and fill out the appropriate paper work to get your money back....

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Leah Leah

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it took me several hours to get thru to the company itself. i went directly thru my bank (citibank) and was issued a credit within a week. it happened twice.. so i closed that account and opened a new one after the credits hit. they will charge u whatever they feel like... on random days. forget the company and go right to ur bank. u never signed anything, its not ur responsibility!

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