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You took money out of my checking acct without my approval and I want to know why you did this? This is fraud and I will contact an attorney if I do not get a response how you did this. I want my money put back in right away if it is not I will take it to the states attorneys office

who are you?who send you?
this is a debt consolidation care
you are not magicians.
you have not a crystal ball here.

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tsacgiv tsacgiv

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Hi Lynn, put the name of the company who debited from your account. We will get you their name and address.

You have posted in an open forum in which people discuss about different debt issues and the various companies.

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you took money out my account and i did not authorize you to do so i wantmy money back in to my account am going to the bank now to fill out a affadavit and to the police dept. after that this is illegal using people information without their consent!

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I bernard hall would like to terminate my application.
And would like for you to tranfer the money back in to my account asp.i did not autherize's transaction.
Thank you,
Bernard hall.
Personal info removed for your safety - Mike

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This site did not take money from your account. You definately need to go to the bank and have this reveresed as it was unauthorized...I suspect that the company who took your money is You should go to that link and file for a refund

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Leah Leah

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