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someone took 49.99 out of my bank how
do i get it back :evil:

me too 49.95 lpc card they say they didn t.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 04/17/2007 - 22:31


If you go to or there are forms to fill out to request a refund.

Also dispute the transaction with your bank. They can also reverse it if it's found that authorization wasn't given.

Sub: #2 posted on Wed, 04/18/2007 - 06:43

goudah2424 goudah2424

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If this was an unauthorized charge, your bank usually directs you to company that took the debit. If you find that it's actually a company you did NOT authorize, you'll then need to open a dispute with your bank. Depending on the size of your financial institution, and their rules, they also may ask you to fill out a police report. This is also a rule with credit card companies.

Sometimes people get an offer over the phone or in mail, that is for a trial period. After the trial period your bank account (or credit card) is automatically charged the annual fee. This would have been gone over with you during the confirmation process where they ask if they can record the call. Customers often stop listening, just to get that free hotel room, or that free leather jacket just by yapping yes a couple of times.

Or this could be a renewal finance fee for a payday loan?

I'm also curious if you could be a little more specific about your post. Do you know the name of the company that debited your account? Perhaps we can help you track down a customer service number, and you can inquire about the charge.


Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 04/18/2007 - 06:58

Teleport Teleport

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:x I'm pissed EverPrivatecards service just took 49.95 out of my bank with there check number of 9999 so I called my bank and they said they only close my account which I've had since 1992 if I can't get them to get me a refund and so I went to that site to have my money refuned. I'm also moving out of state and so I need all the money I can get plus I'm learning disabled and I heard the BB gave them an F. So I think when I get to Rochester,NY I'm gonna have to take all of my SSA out of the old account and close it and open a new account with a differnet bank. My bank can't cancel it the 49.95 because it already went through that isn't fair.

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Hi Brandi

It definitely is not fair....every cent is our hard earned money. You should try getting that money refunded.

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 08/06/2007 - 00:07

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