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Yesterday I recieved and email stating I was moving a large sum of money from my ING account to my BoA checking account which I did not authorize. Regardless of how they obtained access to my account, hacking, trojan, virus. What would be the reason for moving the money between my accounts? I obviously since then cancled the transfer and changed all my bank information. But I am still left with wondering what was trying to be accomplished?

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Now that *is* really weird.

It could've been just the typical spam, along the lines of "I'm from Nigeria and I need to deposit $23 million in to your bank account. I'll even give you a cut".

It also could've possibly been a phishing expedition. Do a thorough scan of your computer - antivirus, spyware, adware, etc., etc. Housecall dot trendmicro dot com offers a free scan and they are very efficient and thorough.

You should forward that email to both banks, to the ISP of the email address, and the ISP of the sender (from the headers) and request an investigation.


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