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I sent Id theft affidavits to the fraudent account

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:(I sent Id theft affidavits to the fraudent account holder and they refuse to remove.How can I prove that it wasnt me. I filed a police report Im so stressed they still think it was me.ITs hurting my credit real bad and it was a family member who commited the fraud.

If you have proof that you have sent id theft affidavits and copies of the police report to the creditors and they refuse to do anything, send copies directly to the credit bureaus disputing the tradelines.

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This happened to my daughter. Her husband (now ex) opened an account in her name without her knowledge. Right now I handle her financial affairs and I pulled her credit report. I noticed the item. I sent a letter to the creditor (Bank of America) telling them she never opened the account and to forward a copy of the original application plus copies of purchases made on the account. A month later the item was removed from all 3 credit reporting agencies.

You can try this along with sending copies of the affidavits to the credit reporting agencies.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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The first thing I recommend is that you send the CRA a "Block of Information Resulting from Identity Theft" letter under the provisions of FCRA 605B. That will require the CRA to block any further reporting of the information in your CR.
All you need to send to the CRA to commence this block is:
1. Appropriate proof of your identity;
2. A copy of an identity theft report.
This is nothing more than a copy of the police report, as defined in FCRA 603(q).
3. A statement that the information is not information relating to any transaction by you.

The CRA msut then send the furnisher of the information a letter informing them of the block, and its effective date.

You can, and should, continue to dispute the failure of the credtior to entirely delete the information from your credit file. In your prior communication with the creditor, did you clearly identify you correspondence as a direct dispute under FCRA 623(a)(8), or was it just a letter of request?

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