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My husbands 26 year old daughter stole his identity and applied for 2 credit cards and got direct tv. She was approved for the cards and give her own address. She never paid one payment on the cards and both are $1700 each and 1200. for direct TV. Before we realized it was her we filed a police report. After researching this we know it was her and had her sign a letter to each one of the creditors taking full responsibility and agreeing to pay all that is due. I have the police report and the letters what do I do now. How to I get this put on her and off of us. What if anything can i do at the CB. Just looking for a little direction.

Wow, although i'm no expert on this i think they only thing u may be able to do is file charges on her!! Otherwise, the debt will be ur responsibility!
Hopefully someone will be around shortly who knows more on this and i'm so sorry this has happened to u and ur hubby,

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Ang Ang

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Go to and click on the id theft link for details. First thing to do is file a id theft police report and send copies of this report along with id theft affidavits from ftc site to all effected creditors and to each credit bureau. Immediately contact credit bureaus to insert id theft security freezes.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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If the creditors willingly correct their records, you probably have nothing to worry about. If your daughter fails to pay and they come after you, like creditors often do to victims of id theft, you may have remedies under your state laws. In Texas, you can get a judge to order you a victim of id theft and use that court order to clear up credit reports and deal with collection agencies.

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if you get contacted by these creditors who try to shame you into paying this debt to clear up your own credit don't cave willing to follow through.. testify if it comes to trial..and state that these debts were not yours..yet am wondering.. was giver of credit negligent for not verifying since it was service actually received at different residence? I don't think creditors will be willing to correct if you have already faxed police report to them perhaps am wrong..I don't think anyone should be responsible for a 26 year old child stealing identity? and if so why is this happening? Ang please weigh back in on subject thanx becuz i dont see how it could be possible

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socksfullofrocks socksfullofrocks

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This just totally sucks....I hate to hear of people doing this whether it is kids stealing parents identiy of visa versa. My mom has a friend who's sister's daughter did this to her. The thing is, this lady was mentally slow. She did live on her own adn was very excited when her daughter decided to come and live, but this girl ran up things in her mother's name. She did not want to file charges on her daughter, and then her daughter got killed in a car accident and this lady lost everything and had to move into a home because no one would rent to her because she was slow. The house she lost was one she owned out right.

It is hard for a parent to file charges against a child, but sometimes the need calls for it.

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2nband 2nband
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My sister did the same thing to my parents but I had to practically yell and scream at my mother to get her to file charges against her. My sister's problem was drugs and thank god today she has been clean for 5 years, even though it was hard on my mom, my sister admitted that she was grateful that she did that, it saved her life, she finally got the help that she desperately needed.

I have seen alot of people in prison for drug related crimes and they say that the best thing that could have happened to them was to be arrested and got the help that they needed.


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ladybug ladybug

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That is a shame that your daughter did that. I could never do that to my parents. I'm sorry that this happened to you. I think you need to file charges and make her understand that what she did is wrong. I'm 29, and I'm a firm believer that children, regarldess of ages, needs to be held responsbile for what they have done (espeically when they are old enough to know better). I hope you can straighten it all out!

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Amanda Sullivan Amanda Sullivan

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Thas really bad when your own relatives can't be trusted.Hope you get out of this.

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patricia patricia

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