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There are many organizations which defraud people seeking to discard debt, modify their loans or file bankruptcy. Jackson Crowder & Associates PA, Crowder Law Group, PA, both organized in FL, have presented themselves as a law firm qualified to operate from FL................THEY ARE NOT!! Additionally, the sales people trick people promise anything just to get money from unsuspecting callers...........and represent themselves as legal assistants, paralegals, etc. when they are only supervised by a non-attorney sales person, Brent McDaniel,, and Tyna Caldwell (non-attorney) trains the employees (not paralegals) who imput data and keep money when the persons they are supposed to represent do not actually qualify for bankruptcy. THIS IS A SCAM........!! IF YOU WANT DEBT RELIEF, SEE YOUR LOCAL ATTORNEY AND DO NOT GET MIXED UP WITH PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT EVEN GIVE YOU THEIR LAST NAMES!!!! they take in millions and help only a they are doing mortgage loan modifications without attorney supervision. Call your State Bar Association!!

Thanks for you info. Hope that you will keep visiting this site and keep us updated.

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if ripped off by jackson crowder go to your bank and fill out a fraud report tell them you did not give them authorize the transaction. The are will not dispute it because they are a fraud company. I did this and got all 2000 back.

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Jackson crowder has ripped me off. After 9 months and almost loosing my house they disapeeared. I hope they are out of business and in jail- especially Bruce Meltzer

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These people took my money $2500 and then ran. When my house went in to forcloser they were gone.

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Call your bank and file a dispute you will get your money back!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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This is to inform you that as you are aware of the results it is always wise to inform the bank regarding the issue.It would not take much time to lead one into a bigger trap in the long run.Jackson Crowder & Associates , Crowder Law Group, PA, both organized in FL, have been qualified to operate from FL…………….but they are not!!!! This is a scam!

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[COLOR=red]If you want a reputable company call ( Removed by Shazzers as solicitations are against TOS rules)[/COLOR]
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I guess such companies have to be dealt with quite seriously. They should be reported with the FTC, BBB and AG as soon as they show the first signs of fraudulent activities.

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