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i am a member of the mortgage forum. sam helped me a lot to find out some mortgage related technical probs. i am from india. dunno if u guys can help me or not, still asking.

i read this forum often (thank god i did). just few days back i got a call and the person pretended to be from my credit card co. he had a good voice. he told me a wrong 16 digit no. and asked if it was mine. i said no. then he told "its not urs? then whats ur credt card no.?" as i was on my way to home, i requested him to call later. but then suddenly it came in my mind. why should i disclose my secret 16 dig no. to a third person? credit card scams are increasing in india...its time to beware.

thanks to this community, i have learned a lot about protecting privacy.


Definately do not give out personal information. You are right there are scams increasing everywhere.


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ladybug ladybug

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thanks for ur answer. when i was in NC with my sister, we had to pay a huge toll. i have become skeptical till then. i luv the cat in ur pic :)

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iamblogaholic iamblogaholic

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Good thing you were able to think about that immediately. Thieves are becoming more rampant these days that they will do anything that they can think of just to get a hold of other people’s information. This is one good experience that should be shared to everyone. You will never know when you are already talking to a thief or whether you are already opening an email which contains malicious codes. Everyone should make a conscious effort to protect themselves from identity theft so that thieves would be left with no one to victimize.

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Amy Amy

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