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I have two credit cards that I was not able to pay on and now am really in debt. Along with that my identity was stolen a couple of years ago and has pulled my credit way down. I really want to get my credit straighten out so that I don't have a problem anymore with it. The credit places call me day and night and call like 20-30 times a day. I have answered the phone and told them to quit calling and they wont until they get there money. They state they cant stop calling. I have told them that I am at work and they are getting me in trouble and they just keep calling.

Are these the original lenders calling you or third party collectors. Regardless send them certified Cease and Desist letters and they will stop calling. The fdcpa protects you against third party collectors and most states have laws to protect you against harrassment by any collector.

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hi... sending them a cease and desist letter will stop them from calling you up and harassing you, but if they are the original creditors and you owe them money, then they might take legal action against you for not paying up.i am noy saying they will but they might. my suggestion is rather than just ignoring them talk to them at least once and explain your situation. make sure that you correspond with them through certified letters. and i am sure you have filed a police report when your identity was stolen. show them the relevant papers and tell them that you are not in a position to make huge payments now. if you talk to them and keep a record of the correspondence then they wont be able to take you to court and accuse you of not planning to pay up. take care!

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