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I had a credit card opened in my name by my bank without my authorization. Then when i asked why and how they could do that , they said "we don't need wriiten(a signature) or recorded authorization to open a credit card" after they auto pre-approved me!?!FDIC regulates them and says they dont need a signature on an application or any recorded statement that I agree to open this card. I would think that would be a standard, fundamental rule for ANY issuer of a credit card, right? Funnt(not at all actually), when I told the head people at my bank what happened, they immediately terminated my account and said I was not to contact them and I could pick up my money or they would mail it to me. Just can't believe a bank doesnt need a signature, voice recording, or even a application to approve you before they open a credit card in my name. FDIC lets this bank have that loophole for what reason I don't know.

How did you come to know that the credit card has been issued in your name? Did you receive the credit card and than came to know about it?
You can order for a credit card online using your social security number and for that you do not require to put your signature on the form. But without an application (either online or hard copy), you cannot be offered a credit card.

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