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Back in 2005 there was $20,000 worth of fraud put on two of my Discover Cards. I talked with them and told them it was fraud and they said they would investigate. I kept getting the monthly statements but I refused to pay the minimum which was $300 a month on something that wasnt mine. 3 months went by when I got a call from Zwicker and Associates debt collection company. They said they got the debt from Discover Card and wanted there money. I told them It was fraud, they said they would call Discover back and get back to me. I heard nothing back from either Discover or Zwicker. The monthly statements stopped comming as well. Now I know I should of followed up on this and I didnt. Now in 2009 when I go to buy a new car I see both of these Discover balances on my credit report showing negative and all accounts charged off. I call Discover and they say they have nothing on file about fraud and I owe this money still. Since its been over 4 years and I have no paperwork to prove anything what do I do? I am sick just thinking I may owe money I did not spend. I live in Wisconsin and I dont know if there are laws for this.

am bumping this,but you really should have filed formal papers if fraud or ID theft was suspected.hopefully someone will come along with more info.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Did you file a police report at the time--and do you still have copies of it? You can also put a fraud alert on your credit with the major bureaus, so all a potential creditor would have to do is see it.

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kscornell kscornell
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I did not file police report and I have no other papers. When I did not recieve statement and no collecter called for the past 4 years I figured it was taken care of. My fault for not following it up.

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jbtemtp jbtemtp

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you have 3 more years till it should fall off your credit report. or keep disputing it now, send letters, maybe file a police report now...

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