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My husband has been getting calls from DRS since 2006. We had the same problem. Someone opened a bill in a state we never lived AND have never even visited. Come to find out a Sprint employee stole his information and sold it - thus creating our problem. We get calls from Nancy Miller. We get calls from Mr. So and So, and several messages from people you can't understand what they are saying. We even got an identity theft police report. We were told the only way to clear this up is to send 10 years of IRS W-2's, a police report and a letter. That makes me nervous giving them this information, but at the same time I want this issue gone. It is affecting my husband's credit score and the messages and calls are getting annoying. I'm sending everything certified mail RRR. I hope this resolves this awful issue. Thieves suck!!

I am not sure that you should send them any personal information. Instead I would send them a DV letter along with a cease and desist letter by cmrrr.

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I split this off the topic it was originally posted in.

We were told the only way to clear this up is to send 10 years of IRS W-2's, a police report and a letter.

Who told you this? A CA? To claim ID Theft you need a police report and a notorized ID Theft Affadavit from the FTC website. Send the IDT Affadavit, the police report, proof of ID and copies of credit reports showing fraudulent INQ's and accounts to all 3 CRA's. They will place a Fraud Alert on your reports for anyhwere from 90 days to 7 years. Any account identified as resulting from IDT must be permanently suppressed by the CRA's. As far as CA's, OC's and JDB's you only need to provide them a copy of the police report and the IDT Affadavit. Nothing more is required by law. Go to and click the ID Theft link for more info.

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