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This is the second time my checking account has been debted for something I did not authorize. The first time was Visa Homeland Card which cost me $159.00 back in May of this year. The second time was only yesterday July 10th for $54.95 from Ever Private Card. Both times it has put me in the RED; while living on a fixed income can be devastating.

There are so many crooks out waiting for helpless individuals like me. I know how both of these charges
accured. I applied for online loans both times, and I feel it has something to do with these loan companies. Both times I was refused the loan after I had put in my account information. I will starve to death before I go online for another pay day loan.

Stop the World and let me off!

Go to your bank and dispute the unauthorized debits done by the companies on your account. Your bank must investigate the charges after you have put it on dispute. If the company is not able to verify the charges, the money should be reverted back in your account. Learn more on this link below. rivatecard.html

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