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so I know it has already been posted a couple times about the scam where people are receiving calls saying that they defaulted on a payday loan and if we don't pay right now they will be charging us with federal felonies.... Well I too got one of those calls about 10 minutes before my 6 year old sons birthday party started. It has been a little while since I have been on the forums so I was not aware of this particular scam. The men that I could barley understand gave me my full name, social security number, birthday, address, phone number, bank name and routing #. He then did what seems to be the common threat of telling me if I didn't settle with his client that they were pursing federal check fraud charges, theft by deception and another one I didn't understand. So... from what I am reading all over the web, this is identity theft? I have already talked with the Utah Attorney Generals Office and they told me to just handle it on their website. The thing is I dont want to file a false report and from what I can see nothing has actually been charged under my name. Does anyone have any advice/clarification for me on if this is actually identity theft or not? I would really appreciate any help you could offer.

If you can't remember taking a loan from this particular lender then it is evident that someone else have used your information to get the money. This can be a scam too.

Anyway, who are these people?

Have you received any deposit in your account from them?

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did you take a loan from any lender? or apply to any lender? this happened to me back when i used to take out payday loans. if you gave your info to anyone i would consider idenity theft in the traditional way but i still would file a police report because people out there do have your personal information.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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I agree with bea2ls file a report I would also get a copy of your credit report to make sure nothing is on there.

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marysplace2 marysplace2

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also put an alert on your credit report concerning this. it is really easy to do, you can do it from the credit agencies' webpages (i believe one of them has to be done via automated process over the phone)

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