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After constant attempts & payment plan w/ BOA a few yrs ago I couldn't manage to lower my debt on the card below 1,500. They were constantly imposing hidden & late fees so I just gave-up. Now they hit me w/ this court summons & a balance of 2,200 + thru their alleged lawyers (Lacy Katzen LLP). Talked to one of them (which was so rude) & according to them, FIA would accept a one time payment of 1/2 the total to be paid within 30 days. I'm still frustrated w/ their services and methods but I just wann'a get them off my back & hopefully repair the damage to my credit. My question is: Is this Attorney firm & thier practices administered to me legit ? Should I trust them and send the payment? ( which I had to borrow as I'm still in another hardship situation). Is the payment agreement fair ? and can I get a receipt when I pay them ? Oh, she also is sending me a form 1099 for what she calls the "waiver" of half the amount they said I owed. :rolleyes:

Hardly an "alleged" attorney if they sent you a summons.

50% settlement is fair considering the alternative of wage garnishment and bank levy. Get a settlement agreement letter faxed to you before you pay it.

1099 on the settled portion is standard.

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