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Heres my story and hopefully someone can help and answer a few of my questions(which are at the bottom if you dont want to read the boring stuff :P ):

Back in 2004 my wallet was stolen out of my car at this repair shop i dropped it off at. I stupidly used to leave my wallet in my glove compartment back then. Well that day, i took out my wallet, because my brother was supposed to drop off the car, but for some reason i ended up going and out of habit i put my wallet back in the glove compartment without thinking. My parents got the car back that afternoon, but i didnt notice my wallet was gone till the next day when i had gone out to stop for a bite to eat. That Monday i called in my info stolen had a whole mess with BoA im still trying to fix.

The thing is, i tried pulling my credit report 3/12/08 and could only gain access to TransUnion. On there some address showed up as a previous adress and a Verizon account thats in collections. I also saw that whoever had my info was trying to get credit cards and cell phones in my name.

When this first happened I called the auto shop and they stated they couldnt do anything because its not their fault i left my wallet in my car. I tried to file a police report, the clerk i spoke to stated the police could do nothing because the shop had a sign stating they were not responsible for stolen property. So they cant be held liable for anything, its my fault. Which is true, but is that right? A mechanic has no right to look in my glove compartment while hes fixing my car.

- - Can i still file a police report after 4 years if these people are still trying to use my information?

- - I've filed ID theft affidavits and sent them to the CRAs and the companys where the fraud took place, but its still on my credit report, what else can i do?

thanks ahead

Which is true, but is that right? A mechanic has no right to look in my glove compartment while hes fixing my car.

You are right. But how many of us do all the right things in our lives :) You need to be careful with your belongings. :)

  • Have you raised fraud alert with the credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion?

  • Close the accounts you think were opened by the fraudsters.

  • Close your existing bank accounts, you think can be tampered by the ID thieves.

  • You can also file complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. You can call them in their toll free number: 1-877-ID-THEFT (438-4338); TTY: 1-866-653-4261.

Hope these inputs help. Do keep us posted with the developments.

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tweetyturner tweetyturner

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My husband was the victim of identity theft and we have filed a police report, created dispute letters to have the companies validate the information, and provided documentation to prove we were not living in the state at the time.

We sent the information to the credit companies return receipt requested.

We will keep you updated to see how it goes.

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i heard that a person who suferring of id theft should give victim statement?i want to know more of it.any help.iam sorry for my bad english.

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Yes u have heard it right....apart from placing a fraud alert the id theft victim should also place a victim statement in his or her file. The statement alerts the credit grantor that the consumer's identity has been stolen.

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:cry: [color=DarkRed][/color][size=3][/size]Hello
I was contract by a person in 2003 because he was a victim of ID thefet to help to clear all this situation, because banks dosnt care at all is the truth..

If you have an Affidavit you can send it by certify mail to all credit reports...They will investigate the situation sometimes take 3 to 6 months, but you also need to contact each place the banks report you..

Example: If someone open a credit card they have on record the signature of the person who sing the purchase...All crdit cards kept records and if you have cancel checks, you can show them is not your signature. I won 5 cases with credit cards like this THE SIGNATURE were not the same..

Everytime you contact any bank or institution, write name time date..Kept everything in writing a short information about the conversation in a notebook is agreat evidence...Every month contact to all of then to verify what are they doin in and keep records of everything...That will help you...

If you accept to pay 1 bill you are accepting that you are responsible of all charges..BEWARE

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Yes C Bonnila.......keeping a track of everything is a must....thats probably the reason why communication with banks and other financial institutions should be made in writing and that too via certified mail with a RRR....while communicating on the phone it is advisable to maintain a log...include the name of the person with whom you spoke,date and time of the call and you can also jot down some important points of the conversation also.

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