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Is it ok to do financial transactions from a public computer?

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I have heard that one shouldn't do financial transactions from a public computer. But, is it true when I have password in every account. Even if I have to access a public computer, what precautions do I need to take?

Dear, scammers know how to crack a password in a second. So, be aware!

Well, if you have no choice but accessing a public computer, then you should follow some precautions.

You should log out on the site.
Don't save the log on information.
Use the private browsing that leaves no trace if your web activity.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Yes, it will be safe....only if you take some precautions..
Use a free online antivirus scanner and scan the PC for malware. If threats are detected, avoid using that computer for any financial transactions.
Use private browsing features always before log in.
Do not allow the web browsers to save your passwords.
Always log out before leaving the website.
It's better to change the bank account log in password after using in in a public computer. If possible, activate double authentication for log in.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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Use your smartphone instead of the public computer. That's the best solution.
Even if you use a public computer, try these tips to keep your information secure:

Disable the features that save passwords
Turn off the Internet Explorer feature that "remembers" your passwords
Go to Tools->Internet Options->Content->Settings->Check box for User names on passwords and forms
Delete all the temporary Internet files and your browsing history

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