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ok so my pdls are fron illegal lenders do i still need to pay the principal on those. i over paid on 2 but 3 i would still owe. i already closed bank account. also can they take me to court. got call from lambardo. davis, goldburg. said taking to court, and i could loose my job. told me a nurse lost her license and job, and had to pay $5000 fine and fees. sounds crasy. also i been reading that in fl you have file judgement to sue in person. so im told this company is in new york. also what if i dont pay off the 3 pdl that i owe pricipal on what will happen if any thing. this company also told me i signed agreement and pdl was like writing check. how true is all this

As far as I know you will be liable for paying only the principal amount to the illegal lenders. You won't have to pay the extra charges or fees to the payday lenders as they are illegal. You can check out the given page in order to know how you can deal with illegal payday lender: dl-dealings.html

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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From a moral standpoint, you should repay what you borrowed. Once the pdls realize they cannot debit your checking account, they will contact you. If you still owe principal, inform them you will repay only what you borrowed on your terms. If you've overpaid, then request a refund. Let them know you will be filing a complaint, etc. etc. and per info on this website.

An illegal lender will not take you to court. They will, however, turn it over to a collection agency or so-called attorney. If that happens, just request debt verification and after receiving, tell them the same thing.

Good luck. You will eventually prevail.

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