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I have a question I hope someone can answer. I recently received a call from a credit card company telling me I owe almost $2000 on an account that I did not set up. Today I received a statement in the mail. I suspect my ex girlfriend (recently deceased) somehow took out this account and put my name on it.
Is this possible? And if so, how do I prove that it is not my responsibility. I am in a debt management program, trying to clean up my own debts and this is the last thing I need.
Please someone, advise me what to do!!!

Ok bob, my daughter has to do this also, an affidavit of forgery. IF ud like when she does i can send over a copy to u in PM after blacking out her info. It does NOT have to be done by an atty. But it MUST be notarized. Her notary is doing this for her... Should be done sometime at the beginning of the week if u can wait...
Let me know,

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Ang Ang

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Sorry about all these double post today, this laptop is giving me trouble! Plz delete mods!

Look here:

Good Luck,

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Ang Ang

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Thanks for the help.

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Were u able to pull up the affadavit?? Cuz if not i can send a copy over to ya now... We did hers tonight and i have it saved on my other computer...
Let me know if u need any more help Bob,

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Ang Ang

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