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So I explained on another thread that I was almost the victim of an Advance Fee Loan Scam.

Unfortunately, as part of the "application" process I gave these jerks my SS# and DOB as well as address. Once I figured out this was a scam I placed a fraud alert on my credit reports and filed complaints with the FTC.

I know there is a possibility of ID theft. Hopefully the fraud alerts will take care of this. Will the credit bureaus automatically send me copies of my credit reports? I am concerned because these guys had my info for a few several days before actually contacting me to try to scam me. I filled out the applications September 29 and they both contacted me just the beginning of this week.

My question is since I figured it out and didn't send them any money or other info such as checking account information, DL# should I still file a police report?

Also who else do need to report to them too? Just want to cover all my bases and nail these jerks to the wall as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I doubt if the police would pay much heed to your suspicion. But you need to keep a close watch on your bank account and must immediately act against any unauthorised withdrawal or deposit.

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Yes, I would fill out a police report, it can't hurt. Also, file complaints with at least the FTC (signature in my link) your attorney general's office.

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The police won't do very much, and likely close the case without very much involvement. HOWEVER, by filing out a police report you will be doing your due diligence, and it will be on file in case something does happen in the future.

For example if they do end up opening a credit card in your name, you will easily be able to give the credit card a copy of the police report to defer your liability. Whereas if you don't file a police report, and this happens a year from now, the credit card might say "well why didn't you file a police report...."

So I'd say it's better safe than sorry.

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DebtCruncher DebtCruncher
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i would file (i have filed in the past when my idenity was stolen - the police did nothing and they had the guy;s address in az who stole my information) however if anything else comes up i can prove that i did my part.

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