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My husband had an affair immediately following building a new home. Within 6 months the truth was out and my life became a living nightmare. The girlfriend took personal/financial documents from his apartment, scanned them and stole my identity. She purchased an expensive car and tried to insurance it on our insurance policy which is how I found out. Even with the conviction and 5 yrs probation she got it was not worth the paper it was written on. I juggled the new home for 3 yrs before getting someone else in there to make the payments. The loss of the 2nd income during this time caused me to max every paid off credit card, empty my retirement and borrow from family and friends. I am now in so deep with payday loan companies that I am not sure why I even wake up the next day to face the worry and stress that awaits me. I can't find answers anywhere and don't know where to turn. I can't move on because I am left to deal with the destruction left by these two selfish criminals who are making a killing in the mortgage business. Yes, she's a convicted felon selling and processing real estate loans for people just like you and me...desperate! They have over 1.5 million in two homes and about $150 K in cars. She now has my legal name and lives within 5 miles of me. It sucks and I need help and feel there is nobody out there with the answers.

Go to ftcdotgov and click on the id theft link.Read up on the instructions to protect yourself.Follow the steps to remove any fraudulent accounts.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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File complaints with the local sheriff in your area. You need to show an affidavit while activating fraud alert with the three bureaus. I am so sorry to hear about your husband being so deceitful. If I were in your place, I would not have wasted my time in filing for divorce.

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My husband and his ex-wife divorced in 2003. He and I moved in together in 2004 and had our first child. His ex found out where we moved and moved into the same apartment complex. She would come to our door at all hours attempting to get him to come to her house, attacked him in our yard, tried to attack me, etc. She called children's services with multiple complaints (over a period of 2 years) in order to have our child (and later both our children) taken, to get him to have no ties to keep him with me and have him return to her. I found out that she had stolen mail out of my mailbox, including utility bills which she proceeded to use to call the utility companies as me and telling them to shut off my utilities as I was moving.

When we moved again, she moved out of the apartment complex but found out later where we lived through his account with the electric company. We have since passworded all utility accounts, however he receives social security benefits, which he started receiving when they were together. Obviously, she knows all the information about his checks (he receives both disability and SSI) and has tried several times, unfortunately successfully, to have his checks changed (through the phone system teleprompt) to direct deposit into her checking account. She has also attempted to call the Ohio EBT program (food stamp benefits) and have the card sent to her address.

Despite the many attempts he has made to password his social security (including the online 7 digit password and an in-office password, and having a note placed on his record that he has to appear in the office to change any information), she has still been able to change the information by phone. Sometimes, when he has called to get it straightened out, the people at the office don't even ask HIM for his password, so we know they are ignoring the notes and still allowing her to change the info.

We also had a paternity test done for our younger child, which she found out about through his family (so much for family), and she called to have a copy of the results sent to her (claiming he lived with her now and giving enough information on him to prove to them that he was) and the copy that they sent out had MY social security number on it also!!!

On his credit report (we obtained a copy online), there are several outstanding accounts which he could not have opened (phone services with different companies, cable, a vehicle, etc.) that are listed on the report as the account opening date being WHILE we have been living at our current address. The only phone service we have had at this address was for a few months, in MY name, until we found we could not afford the service and had it disconnected.

Does anyone know how we can prevent her from doing this further????

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Mom_In_2004and5 Mom_In_2004and5

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Oh my goodness, mom. It sounds like this woman has really put you through it. Have you filed formal charges against this woman? It seems like this might be one of the only ways to get her to stop, as she seems relentless.

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eleroo eleroo

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Welcome to the Community :D What a mess,huh?!

After I filed a police and fraud report, I would report her to the govt., for attempting fraud of SSI,Disability, and food stamps.

Everytime she does this, file more charges.

i don't know how she was able to get into the SSI promt and change numbers, I forgot my son's password, and it took forever and almost an FBI clearance to get his info changed!! :lol:

Good Luck-keep us posted..KAren

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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Bossy is correct,she needs to be smacked with criminal charges. Get your police report and id theft affidavit and make sure all government agencies have a copy of this.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Well, mom I have a few ideas, they are permanent solutions but unfortuneatly not legal, so we must move on from those thoughts. Both of these cases are a rotten shame. You both have gotten some real good advice here from some awesome forum members, please keep us updated because your results could help someone out in the future. I wish you both the best on this nightmare. When I first read this I thought to myself, "just when you think you have heard it all"
Also wanted to mention that their are places like life lock you may want to check out that promise identity protection. I haven't done any research just have seen the ads on television. goodluck and please keep us update.

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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Mom, I am so sorry for the mess this woman has put you through. Re your husband's SS benefits, I know there are some cases where the govt will issue a new Social Security number. And I would call them first thing on Monday to see if identity theft qualifies, which it should. Explain that everything you have done hasn't worked, as she has been able to get around it and still get into your account.
If your hubby can get a new number, also confirm that his benefits from the old number would transfer over.
I also agree with what everyone has said here, and that is to IMMEDIATELY file charges against this woman for identity theft. Without a police report, you really don't have a case, so I would get on that pronto. Good luck and keep us posted.

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kscornell kscornell
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Wouldn't that be great if you locked her thieving butt up, that would be the ultimate pay back. You should also see if you can file stalking charges on her. Moving in where you guys did is not a coincedance (sp) doesn't sound like she will give up and get over him. I would fear for the safety of your children, she must have some issues going on. This does not sound normal or healthy. I would watch my back with her, sounds like she could potentially become dangerous.

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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This often happens, the State says anyone calling with the correct info (Name, SSN, & DOB) can access the account no ?s asked... Go to your caseworker & ask to have one of these things changed in the system. Sometimes they'll issue the card under the child's name/SSN or transpose numbers in your DOB or SSN so the caller won't know. The call center can't put a password on your account they can only notate the account - the State ties the hands even when we KNOW it's fraud or that there have been problems. The other thing your caseworker can do is to have a Family Violence Indicator put on your account so that anyone who calls has to speak with a supervisor for information. Remember, the calls are recorded, get law enforcement to subpoena the calls if necessary! Good luck!

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