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Company gave my personal & credit card details to another business/merchant without authorization

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Hi I wanted to share what happened to me but don't know what to do because the lack of help from my credit card company saying it's valid when I never authorized it

In April 2011, I was offered a service from a company to coach me in setting up a ebay store or internet business type of service that costs $3,749. I wanted to get started right so I agreed to get coached & was going throught the payment section with a person over the phone.

I was looking at my statements around a couple months after paying & noticed a different business name or merchant that charged the amount I agreed to with that initial company. I was not familiar with that company or mechant so I did a search & found disturbing news about them with numerous complaints, bad reviews and other consumers that dealt with that company. Since this company aquired my personal & credit card details illegally they had all the answers when the dispute team questioned them about this charge so it looks as if I did deal with this unknown company.

Why is the credit card dispute team telling me this charge is valid when I never authorized the charge from the unknown company, in addition on my credit card website where I make payments under the security tab it states Remember, you will never pay for any unauthorized charges on your credit card, also has this....You will never be responsible for any charges that you did not authorize.

Please tell me what can I do when the dispute team saying it's valid & also telling me I have to find other ways to get my money back even if it states I will not be responsible for unauthorized charges...

Thank you,

This happened over 2 years wont be getting the money back.

Did you get the coaching?? You dont mention anything about that....

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Thank you for the response...

The first initial coaching session was over the phone, but to me was just an introduction call with no coaching, there was a second 30 min session but I was told before purchasing it would be an hour. It did happen over 2 yrs but that's how long I've been trying to get this charge reversed.

I don't understand the part of my credit card website that states I will not be responsible for a charge to my account that I never authorized, Do you think it would be a good idea to ask the dispute team to send me the document that shows I authorized that unknown company to charge my card?

I also wanted to ask does this not fit the category of Identity theft or fraud, being that the initial company gave my personal & credit card details to the unknown company without giving me the importany details in the service they are providing me...

Thank you and be awaiting your response

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problems problems

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